Three Rivers Budokai, Martial Arts in Channahon near Joliet, Naperville, Morris, Tinley Park and Orland Park.

The front of our Martial Arts school, located just south of Joliet, near Morris, in Channahon Illinois. Senior instructors from Naperville Illinois executing one of our Martial Arts techniques. Students from Shorewood and South Chicago practice writing characters related to the Japanese Martial Arts with a Japanese style brush. Students sit durring a formal class and practice writing Japaneses characters, called Kanji, in our Joliet Martial Arts School. An instructor in our Aikijutsu Martial Art demonstrates controlling an attacker. A female Martial Arts Student finishes a technique during an Aikido Martial Arts class. A senior level instructor in our Japanese Sword art ( Kenjutsu ) and our Aikijutsu art, finishes a pin in a fashion unique to our Japanese Martial Art. Two students prepare to practice in our Japanease Swordsmanship class. An instructor finishes working with a Japanese sword at the completion of practice in our Kenjutsu, or Japanese Sword Art. A senior student demonstrates leadership and cares for the Martial Arts practice area located in Frankfort Illinois by cleaning it. Senior members of our Japanese Martial Art gather at a black tie function after a training event near Joliet Illinois. Members from both the Japanese Sword ( Kenjutsu )as well as our other art ( Aikijutsu, related to Aikido ) are present.

Three Rivers Budo-kai