Aikijutsu is, without a doubt, the most fascinating of the martial arts. Incredibly beautiful, almost magical. Watch a well-executed technique and it seems almost effortless—That is because it is almost effortless.

Is it difficult to learn? Of course it is, and that is part of its fascination. Come to classes for the next twenty years and you will learn something new and wonderful in each one. In simple terms, becoming a student of aikijutsu means that you will never, ever, be bored for the rest of your life. (Nor will you ever have enough time to practice all the techniques.)


Kenjutsu, the art of swordsmanship, is the most highly respected of all Japanese martial arts. But, due to the high initial costs, this art is not for everyone.

Though other weapon systems preceded the sword in the military history of Japan, none compare in depth and complexity with kenjutsu. Generations of swordsmen devoted their entire lives to the study of every conceivable variation in the use of the weapon. Not satisfied with mere variations in technique, they explored and developed the strategic and philosophical aspects of swordsmanship; penetrating to the spiritual and physical core of conflict itself.

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