Kitae dōjō is located in Joliet, IL. approximately 40 miles southwest of Chicago—near the communities of Channahon / Minooka, Morris, Shorewood, Plainfield, and New Lenox. The dōjō is housed within the Chicago Racquetball and Fitness Club. This unique situation gives members of the dōjō access to all of the facilities' amenities including weight rooms, pool and sauna.

We think of Kitae Dojo as a forge. The student provides the raw materials (the body and spirit), and the dōjō heats, shapes, and tempers them until they become hard, well polished, and razor sharp.

This is a place for serious adults to pursue the classical martial arts and ways of Japan. Our primary arts are the Tenshin-ryu (kenjutsu), and the Yamate-ryu (aikijutsu). The curriculum includes the study of related aspects of Japanese art, language, and culture. We are part of a network of independent dōjō throughout the country united by the particular arts that we practice.

Previous martial arts experience is not required to study here. New students are carefully guided in their training to assure proper development and safety. Due to the serious nature of the training, a minimum age of 16 is required.

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